Apply to be part of the American Migraine Foundation's Regional Advocacy Program

Thank you for your interest in Migraine & Headache Advocacy and, more specifically, in your desire to participate in the American Migraine Foundation’s Regional Advocacy Program. AMF aims to develop and support advocates throughout the U.S. so that AMF Emerging Advocates can build networks and mobilize local grassroots efforts for national migraine and headache advocacy efforts. Emerging Advocates will be able to help AMF develop a better understanding of regional issues and direct its attention to important issues in the migraine and headache space.

This program will kick off in February 2023 and run through early Fall 2023. The majority of this program will deliver education, training and guidance virtually on how to become an advocate in the migraine and headache space. By the end of the training and education components, you will have the tools to work with a group to design and implement an advocacy project. Your advocacy project will then be presented back to AMF at the end of the program and will be featured on AMF’s Advocacy Content Hub on the AMF website! Additionally, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your successful completion of this program and special ongoing access to advocacy training and print and social media opportunities to share your story!

What to expect as an AMF Emerging Advocate

You will devote approximately 8-10 hours (self-paced) through the spring of 2023 to view and learn the materials. Beginning with the training phase, you will view seven trainings plus bonus materials to learn about migraine and headache. You will have unlimited access to these videos and can view them at your availability and according to your schedule.

Winter and Spring 2023: Training Phase

  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Module 1: The Importance of Language
  • Module 2: Myths and Facts About Migraine and Headache Disorders
  • Module 3: Pathophysiology and Epidemiology of Migraine
  • Module 4: The Current Migraine and Headache Advocacy Landscape 
  • Module 5: Migraine and Its Effect on Mental Health
  • Module 6: New Migraine Treatments
  • Module 7: Resources and Organizations to Know
  • Bonus Materials: Types of Migraine and Headache Disorders, Advocacy Workshops and More

At the end of each session, you will be asked to complete a post-test so that we can help you retain the knowledge you’ve learned.

2023: Action Phase

After your training phase, you will move on to the action phase in late Spring and Summer 2023. During this phase, you will be assigned to a group to apply what you learn. In this phase, with your group members, you will attend a one-hour facilitated session to learn how to design an advocacy project. Your group will be assigned a mentor from AMF, an EA graduate, to ensure you have guidance and support through this action phase.

At the end of your action phase, your group will be asked to present your project to the American Migraine Foundation, and have it featured on the AMF website on its Advocacy Content Hub.

Applications are due February 12, 2023, and participants will be notified of their selection in the weeks after.

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