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Each year in the United States, 113 million workdays are lost due to migraine. We outlined the series of steps you need to take to make sure the conversation you have with your boss about your migraine is a positive experience and results in a solution that works for everyone.

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What to Do After the Diagnosis (2).png

Migraine is a disabling disease that impacts more than 36 million Americans. To help those coping with a recent diagnosis, lean on this guide to show you how to communicate your needs to your support network, better understand your diagnosis, and take care of yourself by finding hope through pain.

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What Type of Headache do You Have.png

There are over 100 different types of headaches, so pinpointing which one is ailing you can take some time, and probably a visit with a headache specialist. Use our guide to help narrow down the most common types of migraine.

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